Flying with Oxygen


Can I carry and use a portable oxygen concentrator on board my flight?

Specific models of Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) meeting the below requirements are approved for onboard use. A passenger dependent on a POC may carry the machine and ancillary equipment free of charge.

An oxygen concentrator takes normal room air and, using a series of sieves, filters, and a compressor, removes nitrogen from the air, increasing the oxygen content of the resulting air to up to 96%.

N.B. An oxygen concentrator is not to be confused with compressed oxygen which is not permitted on Ryanair aircraft.

Batteries used for POC devices are required to be non-spillable and the outer packaging must be plainly and durably marked “NON-SPILLABLE” or “NON-SPILLABLE BATTERY.” If a battery is not labeled non-spillable, crew members will treat the battery as a spillable and will not be able to accept the POC for carriage.

Requirements for Traveling with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

All of the following requirements must be met to travel with a POC

       Customer must pre-advise their carriage of the POC and model to the Ryanair Special Assistance Line – Ireland 01 2497761 – (for details)

       Customers must travel with an approved model of POC (see below).

       The POC must have a label attached indicating that it has been approved for use on the aircraft.

       The customer must have a sufficient number of fully-charged batteries to cover the duration of the flight and possible delays.

       The customer must check-in at the airport at least one hour prior to scheduled flight departure and must present the POC and paperwork for inspection.

The customer must present a letter from their doctor confirming the following information:

       The passenger is fit to travel

       The passenger is able to operate the device, recognise and respond appropriately to its alarms; and if not, that the user will travel with a companion who is able to perform these functions.

       Specify the phases of the flight during which the device is medically necessary. (taxi, takeoff, cruise, landing)

The letter must be written on the doctor’s headed paper. Customers may wish to contact the manufacturer of their POC if their doctor is not familiar with the device or is having problems providing the required letter.

Please note: Generic forms printed from websites, or elsewhere, will NOT be accepted as approval for the POC model

Instructions for Onboard POC use:

       In accordance with Ryanair’s Safety Regulations, the customer using an approved POC must be seated in a seat closest to the window.

       Approved POCs that will be used during any phase of flight must be stowed completely underneath the seat in front of the customer using the device.

       In accordance with Safety Regulations, a customer using a POC may not occupy an emergency exit seat.

Approved Models for Use on Ryanair


       AirSep FreeStyle

       AirSep LifeStyle

       Inogen One


       SeQual Technology Eclipse

Passengers are permitted to take oxygen concentrators onboard. Please see out list of acceptable oxygen concentrators on  under need help- help enquiry-health and medical issues-carriage of medical equipment onboard.

Also a medical PDF form should be completed by your doctor and faxed into medical dept. This can also be found under need help.




Medical oxygen

The carriage of small compressed oxygen or air cylinders is permitted for personal medical use only provided the cylinders are no longer than 0.5 metre long and 250 mm in diameter. A maximum of two cylinders are permitted per passenger. A medical certificate confirming that oxygen is required for medical reasons must be produced at check-in and that the passenger is suitable for carriage by air. Air cylinders for diving/scuba diving will not be accepted onboard.

Asthma sufferers

Asthma sufferers are able to carry inhalers and/or nebulisers provided that these do not contain oxygen cylinders. Passengers suffering from severe asthma or those who have recently been prescribed oral steroids will require certification confirming fitness to fly.

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