Poem by Ann Murphy

If only I’d known by Ann Murphy

If only I’d known a long time ago the way the things would turn out as I would grow.

Taking pills day after day

No difference in dose from December to May.

Cough and spluttering its not very nice

Shortening of breath affecting your life

Social life curtailed when things are bad

All in all you can feel quite sad.

Having a belly laugh not any more

Even a good cry is out of the door

Its hard to explain

You can’t make it right

Walking the floor through the night

What’s happened to my wardrobe

It gave me such a fright

Push and Shove

Squeeze and pull

They still won’t fit me right.

I didn’t know the tablets would have these side effects

Someone should have told me just what to expect.

There can be a lot of bad days

Good ones can be few

But make the most of everyone enjoying what you can do.

Being positive can be hard

But try with all your might

Cos after all you’re still alive

So follow your Doctors advice.

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