Smoking Doesn’t Pay

Smoking Doesn’t Pay

by Emily Hazelton

Stop and Think
Smoke this And
You’ll stink!

After all, pigs don’t know pigs stink; Smokers don’t know that Smokers stink!!!!!

Why don’t you go and smoke a road? It is healthier! Personally I don’t want to stink and be yellow! But you do! No? Don’t smoke then!!

Q: So how long have you been taking drugs?

A: However long you have been smoking.

I don’t smoke; I like life! Every time you smoke you are committing suicide. For goodness sake, it would be healthier and nicer to yourself and the others around you, if you just committed Suicide ! It is quicker too!!!!

Think of all that money you would save if you didn’t smoke. You could buy a new house, car, or go on holiday.

When you smoke, do you know what you are doing to yourself?

You think you are just breathing in and blowing out smoke, taking a stress relief, making yourself attractive and cool. But No!

First of all when you think you are just blowing out smoke your body is doing something else.

1. The hairs in your nose are being damaged and destroyed, because they are trying to get rid of the smoke and tar as a result, they are killed and then they can’t stop the muck and grime from going up your nose! 2. Next your Mouth, if you smoke then you are in grave danger of getting Mouth Cancer. Your teeth and tongue, but mainly your teeth are stained from smoking. I can always tell a smoker from their teeth, they are a grimey yellow, thick with plaque that will never come off, therefore the teeth are stained for life. Your breath! If you don’t smoke, fine. But you smokers, oh! If you are smoking and the person you are talking to is a non-smoker, you will notice that they aren’t saying much, this is because they are holding their breath. If you look closely you will see them turning slowly green. This is all because of your breath! It is mouldy, mankey, and utterly repulsive! Not even the mintiest or strongest toothpaste, mouth freshener or chewing gum can take away the smell of cigarettes from your breath.

3. Your throat, now when a non- smoker coughs, then it is a cough not much of a deal, but this is not so with the cough of a smoker when they cough (I wouldn’t call it a cough I would call it a bark or a roar). Their cough is gritty with small molecules of tar. Also they cough up phlegm and catarrh every time. A non-smoker will notice a throaty sound in a smoker’s cough. Because the lumps of catarrh, phlegm and small black pieces of tar, are getting stuck in their throat. This is because of the smoke. It has damaged the walls of the throat, so that the wall is replaced with tar. And tar is sticky so the particles are getting stuck. You can’t get these particles out. Frustrating!

Just think of this a non-smoker doesn’t have to put up with that!

Next on the list, The Lungs. The lungs on a non-smoker are a lovely healthy pink colour. But sorry smokers your lungs are bad news! Yours are cracked, wrinkly and black. Tar sticks to your lungs, so that you can’t breath. I wonder what sort of tar? It could be tar that was meant for a new road or a motorway perhaps. This tar stops the oxygen from getting to where it is meant to go.

The Heart; with all this tar going to the lungs and other vital organs, the heart has to pump a lot harder. This is why smokers get out of breath so much. In the end the heart can’t take it any more, and it stops. This is the “Heart Attack”.

The Kidneys. Those poor old kidneys. They are only small and it is not right for you too become your body’s worst enemy. Why are you trying to kill your kidneys? When you smoke, your kidneys are doing their job by filtering, the blood. However they can’t work properly. so they have to work over time; so like the heart they give up and stop working.

Now the whole body, smokers are a different race entirely of their own. Things that make smokers a different race are:

1) They smell! Sorry I don’t mean to offend anyone but it is a cruel fact that smokers stink. You can smell a smoker in the house next door. If a non-smoker goes into a shop or a cafe and the owner or the person before you has been smoking, you can smell it, and if you are near someone who is smoking then you will come out smelling of smoke. So that you feel ill, and that you need a bath or a shower; even your clothes smell and need to go straight in the wash. Because the smell lingers.

If you don’t smoke and you go into someone’s house, who smokes, you can smell it in the air and when you sit on smokers’ sofa for example. The smell wafts up in your face. Because the smell lingers, it sticks to your face, your hair, your clothes; your whole body and (if you are a smoker) no amount of washing, perfume and spray will get rid of that smell of cigarettes.

If you are a grown-up with children and you smoke, then they will smell of smoke too. It is no wonder that the teachers get suspicious, and ask if your child has been smoking, because they will smell like they have been smoking. If you open the bag of a child whose parents smoke, you will know that they do because the smell hits you in the face. And the unfortunate person who this is happening to thinks “Oh if this is what one bag smells like, just imagine smelling like this all the time!”

So you can’t blame people for saying things behind your back. Just think that if humans lived for a few hundred years smokers would turn completely yellow. Now for me that would be very embarrassing!

Now be honest with yourself, do you want to be yellow and stink or would you rather be a normal, natural colour and smell sweet, like a non-smoker. I definitely know which one I would choose to be! It is not a really hard choice, is it?

2) Smokers all have the same number 1 hobby and habit, smoking. You may think that it is something else but while you are doing that, you will be sure to find yourself smoking. Therefore all smokers’ favourite hobbies are expensive, unhealthy and they really don’t bring any joy or comfort in the end; which is the point of hobbies. Also as all smokers presumably enjoy smoking, then they must enjoy, smelling and being a yellowish colour. What a sad hobby! Is your life so miserable and boring that you enjoy doing that; Poor you! |And if you have better things to do, and that you really can not say that smoking is your number one hobby then that must mean that you don’t enjoy it. So if you don’t enjoy it , then why do you do it? That just seems extremely silly to me. Also smokers favourite hobbies always end up killing you. Surely a hobby is something that calms and relaxes you, but not something that kills you. You know very well that smoking always kills you, in different types of ways. So is killing you another of your number hobbies? Like I said before, just go and commit suicide. Someone should add smoking to the list of ways to commit suicide.

3). This is hard for me to say without offending anyone. But I have to tell you. Smokers when they are smoking, they are being very selfish. I don’t think that smokers know that. But smoking in public places, bars and restaurants or even at home, in the same house as another human being, especially children. There is only one thing that is worse than a lungful of second hand smoke, and that is smoke straight from the death trap of a cigarette. Second hand smoke, breathed in by another person is called Passive Smoking. This is the smoker is at their most selfish point. It is so horrible and cruel, what did they ever do to deserve that. All the utterly repulsive things that are going on, on the inside of a smoker’s body, are now starting to happen on the inside of the other persons body too. You really can’t imagine how unpopular this makes you. People dread coming to your house because of you smoking.

So overall do you really think that smoking is good for you? I certainly don’t! And I will tell, you that I will scream, yell and definitely give a long lecture to, the person who tries to get me to smoke. I know however that many of you grow up and smoke. I hope that when you are asked if you want to try a cigarette, you will remember some of what I have said or just that smoking kills, and refuse!

Just remember:
Stop and think;
Smoking makes you stink!
Smoking doesn’t pay!!!!!


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