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Patricia Rogers Tribute to Michael McGloin/Patricia Rogers/Bill Carney 

Patricia Rogers 

Patricia Rogers – Beautiful Sligo (P.Rogers-P.McNulty) 

 Patricia Rogers – My First Day (At School)

Patricia Rogers – (Sing Me) An Old Irish Song (b

Patricia Rogers – Summertime In Ireland (J.Farry)





Tony Marren

Tony Marren – The Burning Lights of Home

Tony Marren Sligo I Miss You



Proceedes of these recordings released in 1993 were donated to  O’Dwyer Cheshire Home, Bohola, County Mayo


Michael McGloin

Check out 41 songs on Sound Click  Michael McGloin Music

or listen to some samples

Michael McGloin – Rose of My Heart – (Sample)

Michael McGloin – Old Pals

Michael McGloin – You Are My Woman – Bill Carney- C.O’Grady

Michael McGloin – If You Need A Friend – Bill Carney-John Farry Sample Only

Michael McGloin Beautiful Sligo- Patricia Rogers-P.McNulty (Sample Only)

Michael McGloin – Home Near Innisfree

Michael McGloin – Polkas

Michael McGloin – My Enniscrone – Michael Maloney (Sample Only)

Michael McGloin – I’ll Settle For Old Ireland (Sample Only)

Michael McGloin – The Ramblin’ House (Sample Only)

Michael McGloin – Top of Tullyhill

Michael McGloin – Dear Hearts and Gentle People


“My Recordings”

Michael McGloin – Rose of My Heart – Tape 1

1)      Rose of My Heart

2)      If I Could Only Start Over

3)      My Happiness (Inst.)

4)      Hornpipes

5)      Going Home Again

6)      Polkas

7)      Top of Tullyhill- B. Shaw

8)      Waltzs (Inst.)

9)      Time on My Hands

10)  Stranger on The Shore





Michael McGloin – She is His Woman – Tape 2

1)      She is His Woman – B. Carney/C.O’Grady

2)      Sunnyside of The Mountain

3)      Grace

4)      Signed , Sealed and Delivered

5)      Oh My Pa Pa

6)      Reels: Sally Gardens/Miss McCloud

7)      Queen of Knocknarea – Bill Carney/J.J. McMorrow

8)      Lonesome at your Table

9)      On The Road To Malin Mor

10)  My Native County Sligo – J. Farry

11)  Marina Waltz

12)  Stack of Barley



Michael McGloin – Joy, Love and Tears, Beautiful Sligo – Tape 3

1)      Joy, Love and Tears – M.Maloney

2)      Golden Dreams – J. Duggan

3)      Beautiful Sligo – P. Rogers/P. McNulty

4)      Shoe The Donkey (Inst.)

5)      A Little Country Town in Ireland

6)      If You Need a Friend – Bill Carney/C.O’Grady

7)      Farewell Dear Mother – M.Maloney

8)      Red Roses Round The Half Door – M.Maloney

9)      My Irish Country Home – John Farry

10)  Polkas

11)  Roads To Kildare – John Duggan

12)  Old Ireland is The Only Place for Me



Michael McGloin – From Sligo and Back – Tape 4

1)      Ramblin’ House – John Duggan

2)      Heaven in County Tyrone

3)      My Enniscrone – M. Maloney

4)      Sunnyside of The Mountain

5)      Old Pals

6)      Carlingford Bay

7)      Every Step of The Way

8)      Walk Tall

9)      My Home Near Innisfree – M. Maloney

10)  Hard Times Lovin’ Can Bring

11)  Anna From Fermanagh

12)  Grass Grows The Greenest

13)  My Donegal

14)  I’ll Settle For Old Ireland



Michael McGloin – “Against The Odds” Disc 5

1)      Where is My Mary Ellen – Noel Lennon

2)      Dear Hearts and Gentle People

3)      You Are My Woman – Bill Carney/C.O’Grady

4)      Barn Dance

5)      Morning Town Ride

6)      Because I Love You Darlin’ – Noel Lennon

7)      Top of Tullyhill – B.Shaw

8)      Four Country Roads

9)      Highlands

10)  Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool

11)  Sweetest of All

12)  I Don’t Need a Picture – H. McMahon

13)  The Long German

14)  Little White Washed Chimney


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