Preventing exacerbations

While all of these treatments can be helpful, it’s even better not to have a flare-up in the first place.

To avoid a flare-up, know and avoid your triggers.

A trigger is an event or situation that often causes a flare-up of your COPD symptoms.

Each person with COPD has different triggers, so everyone’s prevention plan will be different.

Here are some tips for avoiding common triggers:

Quit or refrain from smoking, and steer clear of secondhand smoke.

Ask coworkers not to wear strong scents around you.

Use unscented cleaning products in your home.

Cover your nose and mouth while out in cold weather.

In addition to avoiding your triggers, keep a healthy lifestyle to help prevent flare-ups.

Follow a low-fat, varied diet, get plenty of rest, and try gentle exercise when you’re able.

COPD is a chronic condition, but proper treatment and management can keep you feeling as good as possible.

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