Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is an twelve week course actually blending of various health specialties to meet the individual needs of every patient with pulmonary disease.

It starts with the process of maximizing the patients functional ability, by completing a thorough assessment of his/her current physical, emotional, social and nutritional state and a six minute walk test with an oximeter. This allows the professional staff to develop an individualized program to meet the identified needs.

How The Pulmonary Rehab Program Works:

Once enrolled in the program, you will work with a team of caring and knowledgeable pulmonary rehabilitation specialists under the direction of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator. Exercise sessions will be designed to meet your specific needs and goals, and your medical status and progress will be monitored and evaluated. Educational sessions include:

  • breathing retraining
  • the role of medications
  • relaxation and energy conservation
  • proper nutrition
  • dealing with lung disease
  • home exercise programs

… and other sessions designed to help improve your breathing ability.

Who Should Attend Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

The program is designed for patients with pulmonary diseases, such as emphysema, and chronic bronchitis…
…Whose shortness of breath compromises their lifestyle

…Who want to learn more about their disease

…Who want to learn ways to improve their breathing

…Who want to increase their exercise endurance

Through breathing retraining, regular exercise, proper nutrition, and respiratory treatments you can dramatically improve your breathing ability

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program seeks to:

·         Control and alleviate symptoms

·         Increase exercise tolerance

·         Decrease anxiety and depression commonly associated with pulmonary disease

·         Learn more about their disease

·         Feel better about themselves

Pulmonary rehabilitation requires an element of commitment from you too. It does work, but you have your part to play.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Video

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