How does a support group work

COPD Support Groups

Self management of chronic illness is central to long term rehabilitation but many people find making significant changes to the way they lead their lives very difficult and need additional support. This is where COPD Support Groups can help:

The Aim of Support Groups

The aim of a COPD support group is to offer support to individuals and their families and carers who have been affected by illness. They can: · Share experiences · Provide information on the illness, on medications and on new developments etc. · Offer advice on healthy lifestyles, such as diet and nutritional information or help with, for example, smoking cessation. · Organise social events and outings. · Promote continuing rehabilitation.

What do COPD Support Groups do? 

Support groups are primarily run by members for members with some help from health professionals and others. · Groups meet regularly for a couple of hours · Guest speakers are invited e.g. Pharmacists, Specialist Nurses and Physiotherapists or other relevant professionals. · Other guest speakers can also be invited to talk on local or general interest topics · Refreshments are available and there is an opportunity to mix and chat with other members · Some groups form walking clubs, have exercise sessions or organise social events like table quizzes and outings. · COPD Support Groups can be an opportunity to highlight concerns and can act as a voice for its members · Groups can also fundraise for local charities and hospitals.

C.O.P.D. Support Group

Come along share your experiences, meet socially with others who understand and learn more about how you can self-manage your condition.

The Group meets every month

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C.O.P.D. Support Group


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