Every day I wake up, you are with me.
Each step I take…you are with me.
I try and try not to let you rule me
but try I might you’re always with me.

When taking a shower.. you are with me.
And when I’m on my computer you are with me.
For awhile I might forget
but you never let me have a rest.
Every hour of the day you are with me.

I remember how it was before you ruled me.
When I’d work, play music I’d never tire.
But you came into my life
like a thief in the night.
You have stolen my breath
but you will not get my life.

Emphysema you make me breathless
but you will not make me joyless
and each minute of the day though
you are with me.
I will fight until the end to control you.

The destruction of my existence.
Do you hear me?
Though I move a little slower
huff and puff more and more,
I will never give up peacefully,
so don’t think I can’t still roar.

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