What are the treatments for COPD?

The core care for COPD is:

  • having treatment and support to stop smoking 
  • having a flu job and one off pneumonia vaccine
  • an exercise programme Pulmonary Rehabilation 
  • if your breathlessness stops you doing things
  • having your own a self management plan
  • identifying and managing your own health, because most people with COPD also have other long-term conditions
  • taking medicines to improve breathlessness and help prevent flare-ups

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a programme of exercise and education designed for people living with COPD. It’s one of the best treatments available for COPD.

A course lasts about 6 – 8 weeks and you’ll be part of a group.

At each session, you’ll spend about half the time on physical exercise. This will be carefully designed to provide the right level of activity for you. You’ll also get information and tips about things like:

  • breathing techniques and positions to help you when you’re out of breath
  • how to manage stress
  • healthy eating
  • how to use your inhalers and other medicines
  • what to do when you’re unwell

PR is about helping you manage your COPD better. It’s a treatment, not a cure, but you’ll feel better- more confident and in control.

After you’ve completed your course, it’s important to carry on exercising regularly, stay active and use the techniques you’ve learned.

Remember – it’s not harmful to make yourself breathless.

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