If only I had one wish, I know what it would surely be;

That I could breath like I did when I was seventeen

We don’t appreciate what we have, until things go wrong
I know I didn’t, till my breathing was almost gone

I smoked those cigarettes like there was no tomorrow;
Now I live with the consequence and all the sorrow

Those cigarettes I didn’t think I could live without.
If I only knew what they were all about

Now I need oxygen both day and night,
and have these breathing spells that are such a fright

I see my friends that are so healthy and strong.
But my health has been bad so very long .

I get so depressed sometimes, I don’t know what to do.
I just want to get out of this chair and be able to do things
just like you

I just take it day by day,
the Only thing I can do with my breathing this way.

I talk to the good LORD from time to time,
to tell him just what’s on my mind

I ask him to please not let me suffer and forgive me for all my sins
To please take me to heaven when my life ends

Written by Glenda Jones
April 27,1998
Dedicated to all the people with breathing problems

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