Members who passed away:

Sad News : Our Friend Catherine Hargadon who passed away Tuesday 24th July, RIP
photo taken on our COPD day trip 28th June 2012 in Folk park Omagh, Co. Tyrone


by Lynda Johns on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 at 21:36 ·


Catherine was living with COPD

And was part of Benbulben support group

There she was part of the community

Helping others to recoup

Each and every person there

Recently had a trip to Folk Park

It’s so recent it seems unfair

Now this day’s so dark

Everyone had a great time that day

Having a lovely meal too

And Denise even had a Birthday

Reminiscing with friends so true

Great fun was had by all

And yet yesterday brought sad news

Days ago they had a ball

Only now, tears have their views

Now they get to say goodbye

Remembering Catherine in her glory

In a way being grateful, they won’t deny

Playing a part in Catherine’s story


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